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marketing brief

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to fill this in.

This form is to help us help you in creating your marketing plan with as much accuracy and detail as we can. Please be as specific as possible, however if you are not sure about what you’d like, we’re also happy to help. Please only answer the questions that apply directly to you.

If we have already discussed some of these things before, we would still require your responses. This form is only to put our prior discussions on record and to have something to refer back to as we work on your campaigns.

Thank you for choosing Social Ghana!

We’re going to need this so we don’t call you ‘John’. Unless of course your name is John, then carry on.
Please give us the best e-mail to reach you on moving forward.
Just in case we need to reach out!
So...not to be all ‘first-date’ or anything, but...what do you do? 🙂
We want to make sure you're not a catfish
Please tell us, as clearly as possible, the results you hope to achieve as you grow your business.
You came to us for a reason. Tell us what challenges you are currently facing that you want us to fix.
Give us an overview of your typical customer or client. This helps us focus on the right market - and the perfect message.
What emotions would you like potential customers to have when your brand name is mentioned?
What differentiates you from your competitors?
Have you identified your direct competitors? List them here in order of their level of competition to you.
What competitor (local or international) do you think is most successful and would like to model your business after?
What are you trying to achieve with your social media presence? Awareness? Engagement? Likes? Or do you just want to have an 'always-on' presence?
Yup, we’re still on a first date. Any “interesting” exes we should know about? Is there anything you are hoping to get from us that you didn't get from them?
What mediums are you currently using to market your brand?
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Please list all the services you expect of us.
What will be your key indicators that your marketing plan is working? For example, product orders, referrals, leads from direct mail or phone, positive testimonials, social media interactions?
We know what you're going to say - "We don't have a budget!" - but giving us a realistic figure will help us plan your campaign more accurately.