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We’re a collective of brand cheerleaders and digital assassins, working together to create the most exciting online content in Ghana. We’re creative, we think different and we live on the internet. If we’re on the same page, join our winning team!

Conversation & Community

If you’re reading this in 2020, it’s highly likely that you’re one of the 6 million Ghanaians liking, sharing, following, tweeting, shopping or simply looking online. We exist as an agency to make sure brands are part of this digital revolution and be the first reactors to whatever is going on. Whether it’s responding to a global pandemic or watching a live award show with the rest of the world – we have something to say!


We work hard to play harder! Agency life can sometimes get a bit crazy so our exciting culture is one of the main reasons we stay sane. Whether it’s staff games, our changing playlists or a change of scenery, the idea of fun is always incorporated in our day-to-day. PS – if you think you’re good at FIFA, prepare to be humbled.


Because we spend umpteen hours a day together, Social Ghana is very much like a family. We support each other on and off the court, celebrate special days and help each other grow.


Social Ghanaians are known for their atypical minds and unconventional, viral-creating thought patterns. The one thing we all have in common is that we’re creatives-at-heart and every single day we challenge ourselves to convince, create and connect.


We don’t just grow brands; we grow people too. Whether you join us at entry level or with years of experience, be ready to learn hard, fast and daily! As we maneuver through the dynamic world of digital marketing, our learning curve is never flat. There is always a deliberate effort to teach, to create learning environments, to ask questions, answer questions or question questions. Anyone can be next to teach something new.


If you follow us on Instagram, you might think that all we do is party. You’re almost right – we work hard but we also subscribe to the idea of always putting the fun in function. Whether it’s happy hour or an annual Christmas party, we always mix creativity and laughter with our drinks. Bottoms up!